Plan any training requirements to ensure that all new and existing staff understand how best to use The EfL App in Relation to their Role

Evidence for Learning is an Investment in your Learners and Users. Time also needs to be invested so that staff understand how it can benefit themselves and their Learners. Regular training and sharing best practice improves users confidence and ability:

Evidence for Learning has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. It is easy to capture evidence as it occurs. However, it is in no way prescriptive in the way that evidence is associated and measured against frameworks. You can create your own Frameworks for a whole class or for an individual in the form of a PLG. You can make assessments and professional judgements and create any schema or you can use one from the EfL Library.  

Regular Training can help to ensure that new and existing members of staff, understand how Evidence for learning can benefit their learners, increase the communication flow with families and carers and save themselves huge amount of time in the long run. Learners benefit as so their needs and progress can be better planned, assessed and reported. 

Book the Training in Calendars

We appreciate that everyone has such limited time in all educational settings to come together as a group/s of staff. However, it is vital that you plan some time at the start of the academic year and throughout where you will run training sessions for new staff and refresher training for existing staff. You know that to ensure the training takes places it needs to be booked now in all relevant staff's calenders.

So, here are some useful questions to consider when planning the training or sessions:

For New Members of Staff 

  • How can Evidence for Learning Training be built into the induction process for new members of staff (teaching and support)?
  • Who are the best people to deliver this training or workshops? It would be good to include members of staff have really bought into the Evidence for Learning App and utilising its to it best.
  • Can you share some positive parents/carers feedback? Highlight the benefits for the families/carers of Learners
  • Can you show some examples of learners progress being recorded and tracked using Evidence for Learning?
  • What Training will be built into the INSET day/s at the start and throughout the academic year?

Refresher Training for Existing Staff

  • Could you run refresher courses at the start of each term?
  • Could you offer drop in sessions at the start of each half-term? Who would run these sessions?
  • What Training will be built into the INSET day/s at the start and throughout the academic year?

Sharing Best Practice Sessions

  • Giving people a time and space where they can share best practice improve consistency across an educational setting. 
  • You could pick one topic or area to discuss in one session ? e.g. How best to Capture Evidence of...?, How does it help my planning? Creating PLGs, What information do I share with families and how often? How does Evidence for Learning save me time?
  • Would it be appropriate to share some of the best pieces of evidence captured or a great example of a PLG or a good example, of how progress can be tracked and shared using Evidence for Learning.

The Next Step:

You have set up your Cloud, devices and planned training and sharing best practice sessions. Remember, you can adapt and change your Cloud and device settings as well as the frameworks and PLGs as your learners' progress and their needs and targets change. 

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