Remove Learners and Groups From Devices

The simplest way to update groups is to first of all remove them and learners from your devices. You can then update Learners and Groups using your Admin Console. Finally, you add the updated learners and groups onto the devices.

Here's the steps to remove all Groups and Learners from your Device: 

(If you have a lot of groups or learners on your device it may be worth considering using a quicker way to remove them - see the process at the bottom of this guide)

Before removing groups or learners from your device you should save to the Cloud any evidence that is still saved to your device. For more details on removing all evidence from your devices you can review the guide:"Ensure All Evidence is Saved to the EfL Cloud and therefore, there is No Evidence Saved on your Devices".

1. So, you are confident that there is no evidence stored on your device, Tap the Cog (top left).

2. Tap Groups (under system data).

3. Swipe left on the Group you want to remove and Tap Delete.

4. Repeat this process removing all the groups from your device. 

5. The groups have now been removed from your device. However, all the learners that were in those groups will still be on your device so Tap <Device Admin (top left).

6. Tap Learners (under system data) and then you will need to swipe left on a learner you want to remove and Tap Delete.

7. Repeat this process removing all the Learners from your device.

A quicker way that your Cloud Admin User can clear your device completely - Deactivating & Reactivating Device Subscription  

  • This should only be done by the cloud admin with overall responsibility for managing the Evidence for Learning App. They would need subscription information such as each Device ID and all the licence keys (emailed to you at the start of your subscription) as well as the Quickpair passphrase that you have previously setup.
  • There should be no evidence still stored on the device. As this process, will delete all evidence and clear the device of all data, including learners, groups, frameworks, date ranges, tags and comment templates. All of these, that were saved securely in your Cloud can be added to your device again before the new academic year.

1. From the Home Screen of the App with the animated stars and the word "Capture", Tap the Cog (top left) 

2. Tap Deactivate Subscription (under subscription)

3.  All the data stored on the device will now be removed. You will be told if there is still evidence on your device that has not been yet save to your Cloud.

4. Tap on Activate Subscription (under subscription) and enter a Device ID and Licence Key. Remember that each device needs to be using a unique 

5. Tap Quick Pair and enter the Passphrase and Tap QuickPair you will be shown a warning message - Are you sure as all records on this device will be permanently deleted? If you are sure as you have followed all the above guidance then Tap Yes and you will be told that your device is paired with your Cloud

6. Don't add any new learners or groups to your device now this can be done when we get your device ready after all new learners and groups have been added and updated using your Admin Console.

The Next Step:

Now that you have removed Learners and Groups From Devices you are now ready to "Archive (and delete) Learners who have left".

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