What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8.6

New features and improvements available in version 5.8.6 of the iOS app include:

  1. Editable Assessment Frameworks - Assessment Frameworks can be edited even after they have been put live.
  2. Summary Assessment Items - Summary Assessment Items can now be configured in your Assessment Frameworks (Only available with Insights product).

Edit Assessment Frameworks

Previously, once you had built your Assessment Framework and used it in an Assessment Book to record Assessment data the Assessment Framework was 'locked'.  Now with EfL 5.8.6 that's no longer the case.  Of course you can't just delete Assessment Items that have Assessment data recorded against them but you can delete any Assessment Items you aren't using or change Assessment Schema (again if not already used) and add new Assessment Items and set Assessment Schema for those. 

For Example I have an EYFS framework below that we have been using and we've been recording assessment data again the individual outcomes.  Now I want to record some judgements against the Learning Areas in this case Making relationships. So...

When editing Assessment Frameworks tap on View or Edit Assessment Items.

Then Tap the [+] button in the top right.

Then tap the new Item(s) to assess and tap Add in the top right.

You will now see the new Making relationships Item selected as an Assessment Item so we're now ready to assign it an Assessment Schema.

So now tap on View or Edit Assessment Schemas & Summary Items.

And you'll see the new Assessment Item with a dotted yellow box 'placeholder' waiting to have an Assessment Schema assigned.  If you have the Insights product you will also see the blue dotted Summary Assessment Schema placeholder too - learn more about that below.

To delete an Assessment Item you can swipe left and tap Delete whilst in the Assessment Items screen.  It won't let you delete an Assessment Item that has Assessment Data recorded.

Summary Assessment Items

This feature is only available with the Insights product and presently only with Regular Assessment Frameworks (not yet available with PLGs).  This is phase 1 with more to follow in subsequent versions of the iOS app and the Insights product in the Web Console.

New in 5.8.6 is the ability to view summary Assessment data aggregating multiple nested items to show a total score (E.g. 24), a percentage (E.g. 40%) or a fraction (E.g. 24/60) representing the combined total score for all the selected Assessment Items.

You can create a Summary Assessment Item when assigning Assessment Schema in the Edit Assessment Frameworks screen.  You will see a blue dotted rectangular box on the Items that 'can' be a Summary Item.

Simply Tap an Item with a blue box then tap the Assign button in the top right.  You'll see a screen which lets you choose which of the nested Items you'd like counted towards the summary.  The default is all nested Items.

Tap Save to return to the Assign Schema Screen with the newly assigned Assessment Schema set for the Item.

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