Ideas for Using EfL for Remote / Home Learning during Covid-19 Crisis

Supporting Remote / Home Learning during Covid-19 Crisis

This video looks at how Palmerston School in Liverpool has been using EfL during the corona virus (Covid-19) crisis to support learners, parents/carers and teachers who are self-isolating and working from home or remote locations.

The app has helped learners, many of whom are very vulnerable, to deal with the transition and significant change to their routines brought about through the school closures and self-isolation.

Teachers have been starting each day by recording personalised video greetings for their classes, making the children feel part of the class alongside their classmates, even though they are separated in many cases.

They are then able to remotely support and guide each child's learning, by sharing learning activities and in some cases, modelling the activities through videos that can be quickly and easily shared with each parent/carer.

Parents/carers are sharing videos and stories from home, showing what their children have been doing and teachers are able to link this evidence to the learner's EHCP and any other learning or development outcomes and goals, as well as feedback to the parents/carers and learners.

For many of these children and young people, their school-based relationships and routines are a vital part of their SEMH (social, emotional and mental health), and have a knock-on effect on their learning as well as helping to smooth the transition during this unpredictable and challenging period.

We'd like to thank Martin McKenna (Deputy Headteacher) and the Palmerston team for making the time to create and share this video resource with other schools.

If your school is doing something that you think other schools might find interesting or useful, please get in touch. These are challenging times for us all, however we are part of a wonderful community of nearly 400 SEND schools within which we can share good ideas and practice and support each other. You don't necessarily need to make a video (!), but we'll be sharing any ideas via a new area in our Online Resource Centre (  

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