Customise your Parent Portal Homepage

You can customise your homepage to have 3 sections. 

Each section has a green, red or a white background.  

See below...

Here are the steps to customise your Home Page for Parents/Carers:

1.    Login to your Admin Console:

Once you login to your Admin Console you will be on the Device Manager screen.

See below...

2.    Scroll down and select Parent Homepage (left side). 

See below...

3.    Customise up to 3 text sections.

You may want to add: a welcome message from the headteacher; links to useful information on your website; links to outside agencies;  important school announcements or messages, information on what to do if they forget their password or any information that would be useful for parents/carers.

If you include hyperlinks we would recommend that you select and tick "Open link in new window". 

Choose which information/links you would like to include in each coloured box.

Select Show for the text boxes that you want to be displayed on your Homepage (right side). 

See below...

4.    Finally, to update your Homepage, Tap/Click Save (bottom left).

See below...

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