Capture Evidence and use the new Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator Set

This guide shows you how you can capture evidence and use the new Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator set.

For you to be able to use the Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator set, you do need to have added it to your school's Cloud.

Here is a link to the relevant guide within EfL Resources that shows how you can add the pre-loaded Engagement Model (Dfe) to your school.

Here are the Steps to use the new Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator Set when capturing evidence:

When Capturing Evidence you can assign the Learners, add photos/videos, add comments, link to frameworks as well as add Tags as normal. 
Then Tap on the  + to the right of Indicators.

See below...

You then Tap  Save to the Cloud and then Tap  OK
Now the evidence is saved to the Cloud Tap the  + to the right of indicators again.
Tap Engagement Model (Dfe) and you will see the five areas of the Engagement Model.

See below...

You can then Tap on any of the five areas.
Tap on the appropriate value within the continuum and record deeper observational data in one or both text boxes.

See below...

When you have completed recording all the observational data in this area of Engagement, Tap Save (top right).

See below...

You can choose to Tap into other areas of Engagement and record further observational data.

See below...

When you have added all the observational data that you want to add at this time, Tap Select an Indicator (top left) and then Tap Cloud Evidence (top left)
You will then be back within the normal evidence screen, you can continue to complete/edit the evidence. 

When you are ready to save it to your Cloud again, ensure that you have turned the orange/draft square to green and Tap Save (top right)

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