How do Parents access what we have shared and how do they upload evidence


The Parent Portal is the old way that schools would share Evidence with parents / carers. If you are just starting the process of wanting to share Evidence with parents / carers then we would strongly recommend that you set up and start to use the new EfL Family App. 
  • Schools that have already set up the Parent Portal can move across to use the EfL Family App when they are ready to do so.
  • The EfL Family App has a number off additional features and schools that are already using it have received some fantastic feedback from parents and carers.

For further information and walkthrough videos to help you set up and use the EfL Family App, please click on this link -

The information below if to help schools who have been using the Parent Portal for sometime and have not yet moved across to the new EfL Family App

Instructions for parents/carers to add a bookmark button to their phones/tablets home screen

How do parents/carers upload evidence?

How do Parents/Carers access the Activities that have been shared?

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