What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8?

New features and improvements available in version 5.8 of the iOS app include:

  1. Baseline Flags - You can setup multiple Baseline Flags and record Judgements and Professional Statements as baselines.
  2. Baseline Bulk Entry - Add bulk Baseline data and backdate 
  3. Edit Assessment Data - ... and control who can edit Assessment data.
  4. Added 'Are You Sure?' alerts - when backing out of Assessment Module and Cloud Admin.
  5. Expand and Collapse Frameworks - whilst in the Assessment Book screen.

Baseline Flags

You are now able to create Baseline Flags that Assessment Users can use to indicate that a judgement recorded in any Assessment Book is a baseline assessment. This will make it easier to see which of judgements are baselines and also when exporting your Assessment Book data, it will be easier to include baseline data (if needed).

You can setup multiple Baseline Flags from within the Cloud Admin menu.

To add a Baseline Flag first login to your Cloud Admin and tap on Baseline Flags.

In the top right hand corner you can tap the Add [+] button.

From here you can name your Baseline Flag and specify a Date Range, during which it is automatically available for use when recording Judgements in any Assessment Book. Please note that when editing Historical Assessments, Assessment users can use any Active (not Archived) Baseline Flags whether within the specified Date Range or not.

There's a new column in the Assessment Book called Baseline and this will display the most recent baseline judgement for each Assessment Item.

When recording a judgement you can specify a Baseline Flag.

Professional Statements can also be added as a Baseline.

Baseline Bulk Entry

You can add baseline judgements in bulk and backdate them too.  

If you have Baseline Flags setup you'll see a [Bulk Baseline Entry] button in the top left region of the Assessment Book.

Tap this button to switch to the NEW Baseline Bulk Entry rather than going into each Assessment Item individually.

You can also include baseline data when exporting Learner Assessment Books in the Cloud Admin menu.

At the bottom of the Review Dates step there's a tick box to include the data or not.

Edit Assessment Data

You can now edit your Assessment Data.

To control if edit Assessment Data is enabled and who can edit the data you can click on the Enable Edit Assessment Data link in the Cloud Admin Menu.

From here you can specify which Users can modify recorded Assessment Dates, Judgements and Professional Statements. (NB. "Assessment Users" in this context is ALL Assessment Users i.e. includes Assessment Managers)

If you have permissions you will see the relevant edit buttons next to the assessment record in the Historical Assessments screen (via the Assessment Book screen).

Of course, you'll want to track these changes so you can include a Change Log when exporting you Transaction Log for a given Assessment Book

First login to your Cloud Admin from here scroll down to Export Transaction Log, you can now see a switch in the top left hand side of the screen, this will enable you to Include Change Log or not Include Change Log. 

If you choose to Include Change Log you will see this reflected directly in your Export Transaction Log as shown below.

Added 'Are You Sure?' alerts

Have you ever tapped the back button too many times when backing out of a Cloud Admin task or an Assessment Book only to have to login again?  Now we've introduced a pop up to alert you that you're about to leave those areas - Are You Sure?

Expand and Collapse Frameworks (in Assessment Books)

If you use large frameworks you might find it handy to expand and collapse certain areas whilst recording judgements in any of your Assessment Books.  Just tap on a Heading or Sub-Heading to collapse all the 'nested' or 'sub' items beneath it.

Hope that helps!

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