What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8.1?

New features and improvements available in version 5.8.1 of the iOS app include:

  1. Baseline Flags - The ability to force an Assessment Date for Baseline Flags and give your Baseline Flags different colours
  2. Enable Edit Assessment Data - Delete an Assessment Record, and control who can do this
  3. Historical Assessments - Added a Clear button to clear Judgements when editing Historical Assessments and added an optional Edit mode when looking at Historical Assessments
  4. Improvements - Improved Assessment Book layout

Baseline Flags

When adding a Baseline Flag to your judgements you're now able to force the judgement to have the Assessment Date specified for the Baseline Flag.  We've also introduced the ability to give your Baseline Flags different colours.

From the Cloud Admin menu tap on Baseline Flags.

As you start to give your Baseline Flags a colour you'll see the icon changing whenever the Baseline Flag is displayed.

Tap on an existing Baseline Flag or create a new one and you'll see we've added a range of colours to choose from.  Just tap on the colour you wish to use for this Baseline Flag.  

When you give Baseline Flags a colour it's easier to tell them apart in particular when making a judgement.

If you want to ensure that all assessments recorded as a particular Baseline Flag have the same assessment date you can tick the box and set a date accordingly.  Note: If you change this date then all existing assessments recorded as this Baseline Flag will have their assessment date updated automatically to reflect the new date.

If you leave the setting unticked then the assessments recorded with this Baseline Flag will keep the dates you make the assessment just as with a non-baseline assessment.

Note: If you need to set Historical Assessments to a Baseline Flag with a forced assessment date then you'll need to check you have the Edit Assessment Dates enabled in the Cloud Admin > Enable Edit Assessment Data screen. 

Enable Edit Assessment Data

When viewing your Assessment Books if you wish to force an Assessment Date for your Baseline Flag you must have permission to do so (if the date is different to that of the forced Baseline Flag Date). In order to set your permissions go to Settings (gear icon, top left) login to your Cloud Admin (top right) and scroll to Enable Edit Assessment Data - here you will see a new set of permissions to set named DELETE assessment records - more on that further down the page. 

Historical Assessments

First login to your Assessment Module and select an Assessment Book, when you tap to see the Historical Assessments Screen there are a couple updates to take note of...

Tap Edit in the top right this will enable you to edit your judgements, professional statements and even your Baseline Date to disable simply tap again and it will revert the Assessment Book back to Read-only status. 

Once you've tapped on the Edit button you can see a new Delete button (mentioned above) added to each assessment record, you are now able to completely Delete an assessment record - simply tap Delete and select Yes on the 'Are You Sure?' message.

Note: In order to be able to Delete you have to have permission to do so you can enable this by going to Enable Edit Assessment data in the Cloud Admin menu.

When editing a Judgement using the pop up screen you can now see an option to Clear (bottom, second to left) - this will remove any existing Judgements from this assessment record..


The Assessment Book layout has been updated, now you can tap on the Baseline judgements to open the Historical Assessments screen.

Where you don't have a Primary Aspect recorded or you've only recorded a Professional Statement there will now be a white box displayed in the Baseline Column.

You will notice when an assessment has had a colour Baseline Flag added, it is now displayed in assessment books making it easier to see which Baseline Flag has been added to which assessment.

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