What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8.2?

New features and improvements available in version 5.8 of the iOS app include:

  1. Assessment Book - display Baseline Data when Show Aspects switch is enabled.
  2. Export Assessment Book data - filter the Assessment Books or pick whole Assessment Books to export rather than having to specify individual Learners.
  3. Improvements - Assessment Books and Export Assessment Transaction Logs has CSV and HTML options

Assessment Book

When viewing the Assessment Book you can now see the Baseline Data highlighted even when the Show Aspects switch is selected.

Export Assessment Book data

When exporting Assessment Book data you are now able to filter according to PLGs or non-PLGs as well as being able to export all the Assessment Book data for a whole class without having to select each individual Learner.


You now have the option to export your Assessment Books and your Assessment Transaction Logs in a CSV or a HTML format.

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