What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8.3?

New features and improvements available in version 5.8.3 of the iOS app include:

  1. Edit Aspects and Aspect Values - You can now change Aspect Names and Aspect Value Scores etc even after you have begun recording Assessments.
  2. Calculated Aspects - You can now create aggregate/calculated Aspects that return a summary score (Sum/Avg/Min/Max) of 2 or more Aspects.
  3. BUG Fixes - including making defining Baseline Flags more stable and converting Frameworks to PLGs now recognises Learners with Evidence.

Edit Aspects and Aspect Values

This is really useful especially if you are exploring how best to use the Assessment Module with YOUR approach to assessment.  Previously once you had started recording Assessments using a Schema with Aspects, the Aspects and the Aspect Values became locked.  Not any more!  Cloud Admin Users can now update the Aspect fields and Aspect Value fields such as Short Name and Score.  This will change the data going forward but it will also change any Assessment data already recorded to date that uses the edited Aspects and Aspect Values. 

For example... In this case we will change the Scores we'd previously specified for some of our Aspect Values.  Open Cloud Admin > Assessment Aspects and in the screen below you'll see we've already updated the 1st 5 Aspect Values, we're now about to update the 6th.

We can tap it to open the Aspect Value, if this Aspect Value has already been used it'll ask an 'Are You Sure?' question and then present the screen below where we can set the new Score value.

When we tap Save in the top right it will ask us again if we want to proceed, because after all it's quite important.

Then, in case you weren't quite sure, it asks one final time whilst telling you how many historical Assessment and Expected Outcome records will be updated too.

If we proceed the data is updated as per below.

You will find you can also Update an Aspect Name and Add or remove Aspect Values to an Aspect.

Calculated Aspects

Sometimes it's useful to have a value that represents a summary function of 2 or more Aspects within an assessment record.  For example the Average or 3 Aspects, or the Sum of 4 Aspects, the Max or 5 Aspects or a combination of all of these.  Calculated Aspects are only available with our Insights product.

To create a Calculated Aspect you can open Cloud Admin > Assessment Schema and Choose a Schema to edit, then tap on Add a new Calculated Aspect.

Give it a Name, Type and tick the Aspects to include in the summary function then tap Save.

It's now part of the Schema.  You can add as many Calculated Aspects as you need.

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