What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8.4?

New features and improvements available in version 5.8.4 of the iOS app include:

  1. Expected Outcomes - You can now record Expected Outcomes for your Learners within the Assessment Books.
  2. Created Date - 'Created' date and 'As at' date in the Assessment Book PDF has been made more clear.
  3. Other Updates - Assessment Framework shows Assessment Books, Removed Admin/Educator Role, Re-use PLG Template names, Convert Frameworks to PLG now recognises the Learner.

Expected Outcomes

As Well as Record Baseline judgements you can now record Expected Outcomes for your Learners.  As with Baselines you first create a Flag in the Cloud Admin menu and then in the Assessment Book you can record the Expected Outcome (EO) with the relevant EO Flag.

From the Cloud Admin menu select the Expected Outcome Flags option.

The next screen initially will be an empty list but as you add more Expected Outcome Flags they will appear here.

When you add or Edit an Expected Outcome Flag (EO Flag) you will be asked to provide similar parameters as with the Baseline Flag.  A Name, Colour a Date to apply and to specify the window within which you can use the EO Flag.

In the Assessment

Book you can start recording the Expected Outcomes you need from the Baselines and EOs button.

Using the switch in the footer you can change between Baseline Entry and Expected Outcome Entry mode and then using the Change button in the upper right of the screen you can switch between the available EO Flags.  Then just tap on each of the outcome's Aspects as per recording Baselines.  When you are done tap Save.

Recorded Expected Outcomes appear in the column after Baselines.  If you don't have that column then you haven't recorded any EOs

...and if you switch Show Aspects you will see the individual EOs per Aspect.

Tap on the EOs column to open the Historical Assessments screens where you can see the Expected Outcomes in-line with the Assessments.

... and if you tap the Edit button in the top right of the screen you will be able to change the EO or delete it altogether.

Created Date

We've made the PDF report from the Assessment Book report the As at and Created date more clearly.

Other Updates

When editing an Assessment Framework in Cloud Admin you can see a list of any Assessment Books the Assessment Framework is included in.

The Admin Console is the place to manage the System Data in your Cloud.  We'll be adding more and more features to the Admin Console over the coming months.  We've disable the Admin/Educator Role in the iOS app as a means to add Learners and Frameworks as this has become obsolete.  If you aren't familiar with the Admin Console then take a look at the Getting Started resource in the Related Items below. 

It used to be that if you deleted a PLG Template you couldn't create a new template with the same name.  Now you can!

We've improved the Convert Frameworks to PLG so that it now recognises if the existing Framework has Evidence for a particular Learner and if so it'll automatically add the Learner to the PLG settings too.

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