What's new in Evidence for Learning 5.8.5?

New features and improvements available in version 5.8.5 of the iOS app include:

  1. Parent Notifications - You can now switch on the ability for Parents to subscribe to a Daily or Weekly Notification.
  2. Other Updates - Removed the ability to delete System Data from your Cloud within the device's Cloud Admin menu. 

Parent Notifications

In the Cloud Admin > Parent Services menu you can now enable the ability for parents to choose notification preferences.  

There are 3 options parents can choose from: 

  • None - no notifications are sent
  • Daily - once a day parents will receive an email
  • Weekly - On a Friday parents will receive an email

Parents will ONLY receive an email if there are updates to existing shared Evidence or you have added NEW shared Evidence.  They won't receive an email if there is nothing 'new' to see.

When this is enabled your parents will have an additional option to specify their notification preferences.

When they click on the Notifications button they will see the screen below where they can choose None, Daily or Weekly.

Other Updates

We've removed the ability to delete Groups, Frameworks, Tags and other System Data stored in your Cloud directly from your device using the iOS app.  The Admin Console is the easiest place to manage your Cloud Data and keeps it all centralised.

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