Add the new intake of Learners

So, you have already archived the learners who have left your educational setting. You are now ready to add the details of your new intake of learners to your Cloud, using your Admin Console.

Here's the steps to add the new intake of Learners to your Cloud:

1.    Go to and login.

2.    Scroll down to Learners (left side).

3.    Select Export (top right), you don't need to include Archived Learners. Click Export. Click Open if asked.

4.    To be able to update the Excel spreadsheet you may need to click Enable Editing (in yellow message bar above spreadsheet)  

Scroll down to the first blank row under the existing learners and add the details of your new learners. 

Please do not edit or delete your existing learners CloudId (first column) and leave the CloudId blank for all your new learners as the Evidence for Learning App will assign all new learners an individual Cloud ID. 

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to add the Learners UPN in the external ID column of the excel spreadsheet. 

5.    When you have added all the details of your new learners, Save the Document with a name and in a location that you can easily find.

6.    Return to your Admin Console and Select Learners (left hand side), Click Import (top right), click Choose File and then search for your saved and now updated template and then click Upload.

7.    Click Next (bottom right, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page).

8.    Click Process.

The Next Step:

You have now added the new intake of learners, you are now ready to "Update Groups for existing Learners and add the New Learners to Groups".

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