Ensure that no evidence is still on a device and therefore, not in the Cloud

Evidence is either saved to your Cloud or on your Device. Evidence that is saved to your Cloud is automatically removed from your Device. 

There should be no evidence left saved on your device as you get ready for the new academic year. 

All evidence that is still saved on a device, either needs to be saved to your Cloud, or deleted.

Here are the steps to see if any evidence is saved locally to your device and (a) how to save it to your cloud or (b) delete it:

1. On your device, go to the Home Screen (with the animated stars) and Tap the Evidence Icon (postcard icon in the middle of the 3 icons underneath "Capture").

The evidence screen allows you to search for and review evidence according to different filtering criteria.

2. Tap Filter (top right) and select to search This Device. All the other filter options should be set to All and Tap Apply (top right).

Any evidence that is displayed with the above filter criteria is saved to the device and therefore, it is not in the Cloud.

  • If any evidence has an orange circle, it is saved to this device as a draft. Go to step 3. 
  • If any evidence has a green circle and cloud icon with a line crossed through it, it has been saved as green/published but it is still on the device and for some reason has not yet been transferred to the Cloud. Go to step 8.

3. Any evidence that is draft/orange will need to either turned green and transferred to the Cloud or deleted. 

To review the piece of evidence, Tap on the evidence thumbnail and you will be taken to the edit evidence screen.

4. If you decide after reviewing the evidence you want to Save it to the Cloud Tap the Orange Draft Icon and it will become green and then Tap Save (top right)

5. If you decide to delete a piece of evidence then scroll to the bottom of the edit evidence screen and tap the Bin Icon (bottom right). You will then be asked to confirm that you really want to delete this piece of evidence. 

Remember, that this evidence is not saved to your Cloud, so you will not be able to retrieve it after you have confirmed that you want to delete it from this device. 

To delete this draft evidence Tap Yes.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until when you search for 'All' evidence on the Device there is no draft/orange evidence displayed. 

Evidence that is published (green circle) is flagged by the system as ready to be saved to the Cloud.

7. To check that the evidence has now been saved to the Cloud you can Tap on the Evidence Icon. This time, Tap  Filter (top right) and change 'Search:' field to The Cloud and Tap Apply (top right)

8. To prompt the device to transfer evidence that is green to the Cloud from the Evidence screen. Tap  < (top left), then Tap the Cog (top left).

If there is any green/published evidence still on the device, the Cloud Status will be 'Paired' and have an orange circle next to it. The number of pieces of evidence to be uploaded to the Cloud will be displayed. To force the system to start saving these to the Cloud, Tap the Cloud Status button.

If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the number of pieces of evidence to be uploaded to the cloud count down. 

When the transfer process is complete and all green/published evidence has been saved to the Cloud, the circle will turn green and the button will display "Cloud Status: Paired - All Evidence has been saved to Cloud". Note: if there are draft records (evidence) on the device, this will not be saved to the Cloud as part of this process.  

Remember that this process will need to be done on all your devices that may have been used to capture evidence. 

Take a look at the video that shows how to save evidence that is still saved on your Device to your Cloud:

The Next Step:

Now that you have ensured that there in no Evidence saved on this or any device, the next step is to "Remove Learners and Groups From Devices".

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