Update existing PLGs (including changing the owners and access permissions where needed)

In time you and your colleagues will want to update and amend PLGs.

Some of these changes may be following the annual review or planning ahead for the new term. 

There are also particular changes that may need to be made to the setup of PLGs ahead of the new academic year. It is likely that some of the owners of PLGs will need to updated as members of staff may change which learner's they are working more closely with. There may also be a need for you to change which members of staff can access each assessment book You may also want to change or add a new schema to be used within the PLGs.

Here are links to various guides that will assist you as you update your PLGs:

- Edit a PLG Framework

- Approve the changes submitted by an Assessment User 

- Setup statuses for outcomes in PLGs - "Archived" / "Met" / "Summer 20" / "Autumn 21"

- Change the owner of a PLG (individually)

- Change which Assessment Users can access the PLG Assessment Book (individually)

- PLG Bulk Edit - Multi-select PLGS: Change owner, set permissions and move to Folders

The Next Step:

When you have updated your existing PLGs, you may also want to create a new PLG for some of your new Learners or for Learners who have not previously had a PLG - "Add any new PLGs" 

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