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Welcome to EfL (QuickStart Guide)

This is the place to start when beginning to setup Evidence for Learning.

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Case Studies

See short videos of schools first hand experience of using Evidence for Learning.

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New Academic Year (Rollover)

Plan how you will update EfL to get ready for the start of the new academic year!

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***Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)***

Have a question? How do I......? A great place to look for the answer.

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Setup the Cloud

Add Learners, Import Frameworks, Create Tags, Date Ranges and Comment Templates.

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Web Console

View, edit or capture Evidence using a desktop/laptop computer.

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Setup an iOS Device

Once your Cloud is setup you can pair your device and add the relevant Learners etc.

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Setup an Android Device

Once your Cloud is setup you can pair your device and add the relevant Learners etc.

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EfL Family App

Engage with the parents, families and carers through a brand new Android and iOS App.

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Individualised Outcomes - EHCPs & Personal Learning Goals (PLGs)

Create a Framework to be used with 1 Learner.

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Learn how your can add your own curriculum Frameworks. Includes guides on editing.

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Capture & Save Evidence

Learn how to capture evidence. Find out how to locate and edit evidence.

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The New Engagement Model (DfE)

Use a pre-loaded Indicator Set to record observational data to track Engagement

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Create Assessment Books, use your own continuum to record professional. judgements.

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Create a PDF that contains a Learner's Evidence

Can be shared with parents/carers.

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The EfL Activity Channel & Activity Kit and The EfL Activity Library

Create Learning & Support Activities/Resources that can be Shared with Parents/Carers

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MIS Integration

Learn more about the MIS Integration service that is available through Wonde

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Record deeper observational data within mini forms - pre-loaded or create you own.

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Other Articles

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Welcome to your Trial

This is the place for you to start when beginning your trial of Evidence for Learning

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Welcome to your Subscription

This is the place to start when beginning your subscription of Evidence for Learning

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