Learners: How do I Add Individual Learners to the Cloud?

The quickest way to add a number of new Learners is to import them in bulk via an Excel Spreadsheet. 

However, if you are just adding 1 or 2 new learners then you may want to do add them individually to your Cloud via the Admin Web Console.

Here are the steps to add individual Learners to the Cloud:

On a computer, go to the Admin Web Console (https://console.evidenceforlearning.net) and login.

1.    Hover over System Data (top left) and then Click on Learners.

2.    Click Add (top right).

3.    Fill in all the relevant fields. 

The only mandatory field is First Name, however we recommend that you add the Learner's UPN in the External ID field.

4.    Click Save.

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