Import a Framework from the EfL Framework Library

Frameworks enable you to capture evidence against certain outcomes or statements. They enable grouping or filtering of evidence along with enabling a more efficient way to assess individual Learners and groups progress. Frameworks are fundamental to planning and assessing Learners progress.

Evidence for Learning contains some preloaded Frameworks that you can add to your Cloud.

Here is a video that shows how you can import a Framework from the EfL Framework Library:

Here are written instructions to import a preloaded Framework to your Cloud:

On a Computer, go to the Admin Console ( and login

1.    Hover over System Data (top left) and Click Frameworks.

2.    Select  Import (top right).

3.    Click Open Library (bottom left) 

This opens the EfL Framework Library where a number of commonly used Frameworks are available to add directly to your Cloud. 

If there is a commonly used Framework that is not in the Framework Library, please get in touch ( and we'll be pleased to investigate whether it can be added.

4.     On the right you can Preview or Import a Framework. 

When you have clicked on Import you can see in green a “Success! Message” at the top of the screen showing you that the framework has been imported to your Cloud.

Alternatively, you can create your own Framework and import this to your Cloud. You'll need to first create the Framework as a text file. You can see our guide on how to "Import a Framework, that you have created yourself, to your Cloud".

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