Add Tags to Your Cloud

Using Tags is a great way to efficiently annotate and link or group your evidence. They are a great way to embed key language and formative assessment details into your notes and observations. Tags are used when collecting evidence.

Tags can be added to a piece of Evidence and then used to filter and locate specific examples of learning and interventions. 

It may be that you have want to create Tags for the core areas of the EHCPs or you may want to create Tags for specific interventions, resources or subjects. 

Here is a link to a Word Document that shows some examples of Tags - Tags.docx

To use Tags on your device you first need to add them to the Cloud via the Admin Console.

Here are the steps to add Tags to your Cloud:

On a computer, go to the Admin Console ( and login.

1.    Hover over System Data (top left) and then Click on Tags (top left).

2.    Click Create (top right).

3.    Name your Tag.

4.    Click Save.

5.    Repeat this process creating as many Tags as you require.

Here's our Setup video to help you get started. It also gives you some good ideas for what you might want to use Tags for and suggests some examples. We jumped to the relevant place for you.

The Next Step:

Now that you have added tags, the next step is to review and follow the guide "Add Date Ranges to your Cloud".

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