Add Date Ranges to the Cloud

Date Ranges are useful for when you want to look for evidence or notes collected within a particular date range (e.g. during a term or semester). When searching you can use date ranges to filter your searches. This will enable more efficient and detailed analysis of the evidence gathered, assessments and reporting. To start using Date Ranges they first need to be added to the Cloud, using the Admin Console.

Here's the steps to add date ranges to your Cloud:

On a computer, go to the Admin Console ( and login.

1.    Hover over System Data (top left) and then Click on Date Ranges (top left).

2.    Select Add (top right)

3.    Populate the fields required

4.    Select Save 

5.    Repeat this process until you have added all Date Ranges required.

Here's our Setup video to help you get started, we've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.

The Next Step:

Now that you have added date ranges, the next step is to review and follow the guide: "Add Comment Templates to your Cloud".

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