What is the difference between Pair and QuickPair?

Pair your Device

When you pair your device you can map existing Learners, Frameworks, Tags etc on the Device to corresponding Learners, Frameworks, Tags etc in the Cloud.  It's a manual process that lets you connect any device to your Cloud.

Pairing a device can only be done by someone with the Cloud Admin password.


QuickPair can be activated by any member of staff with access to the QuickPair passphrase.

QuickPair allows you to pair a device and wipe the device clean starting with a clean slate. 

This means it will delete any existing Evidence for Learning data on the device.

DO NOT use QuickPair if you have data you wish to remain on your device.

Once all devices are Paired the Cloud Administrator should disable QuickPair to prevent an accidental QuickPair at a later date where valuable data could be lost.

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