QuickPair an iOS device

Once you have activated your Evidence for Learning subscription on your device, the next step is to Pair your device you can do this using QuickPair.

DO NOT use QuickPair if you have pre-loaded data that you wish to remain on your device or if there is any evidence on the device that you would like to keep. QuickPair can be activated by any member of staff with access to the QuickPair passphrase.

Here are the steps to Quickpair  device with your Cloud:

1.    Go to Settings (gear icon, top left)

2.    Tap Cloud Admin (top right) [login using credentials provided]

3.    Tap QuickPair Setup

4.    Tap the switch to the right of QuickPair to Enabled

5.    Set a passphrase

6.    Tap  < (top left) to leave the Cloud Admin Area, Tap Yes

7.    Tap QuickPair this Device

8.    Enter the passphrase

9.    Tap QuickPair

You should then see a Device Paired Message that tells you that your device is now paired to the cloud.

Here's our Setup video to help you get started setting up your device. We've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.

Disabling QuickPair

Once all devices are Paired the Cloud Administrator should disable QuickPair to prevent an accidental QuickPair at a later date where valuable data could be lost. This can be done easily following the above steps 1-3 and then switching Quickpair to off.

The Next Step:

When you have successfully paired your device with your Cloud, you are ready to "add individual learners to my device".

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