Add Tags to an iOS device

Tags are another great way to link and group your evidence, to use tags on your device you first need to add them to the Cloud using your Evidence for Learning Admin Console.

When you have created all the tags you want in your Cloud you can then add them to your devices.

You can add Tags to your device in a similar way you added your Learners, Date Ranges, Frameworks and Comment Templates.

Here are the steps to add Tags to my device:

1.    Go to Settings (gear icon, top left)

2.    Scroll to Tags (under System Data)

3.    Tap +(top right)

4.    You can now tap on all the Tags that you wish to add to this device from your Cloud. When you have selected a Tag a tick will appear to the right of its name.

Helpful Tip:      If you want to add all the Tags that are in the Cloud to your device you can simply tap on the empty box next to Multi-select (top right) and all the Tags will be selected

5.    When you have selected all the Tags that you want to add to this device Tap Save (top right)

Here's our Setup video to help you get started setting up your device. We've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.

The Next Step:

Now that you have added Tags to your Device, you are ready to "Add Comment Templates to you device"

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