Add Comment Templates to an iOS device

Comment Templates are a great way to give structure and consistency to your observations and the evidence gathered. In order to add Comment Templates to your device they first need to be created in the Cloud using the Evidence for Learning Admin Console.

Once you have created the common templates in your Cloud, they can be easily added to your devices.

Adding Comment Templates to your Device is very similar to adding Learners, Date Ranges, Tags and Frameworks. 

Here are the steps to help add your Common Templates to my device:

1.    Go to Settings (the gear icon, top left)

2.    Scroll down to Comments Templates (under System Data)

3.    Tap + [select the Comment Template required]

4.    You can now tap on all the Common Templates that you wish to add to this device from your Cloud. Once selected a tick will appear to the right of the Common Template.

5.    When you have selected all the Date Ranges that you want to add to this device Tap Save (top right)

Here's our Setup video to help you get started setting up your device. We've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.


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