Record Professional Judgements

Why record Professional Judgements?

The Assessment Module can be used to record Professional Judgements about the development and progress of your Learners as part of your summative assessment.

After having setup your Assessment Module and gathered some evidence the next step is to start recording Professional Judgements, this can be done on your device through Evidence for Learning the steps below will help you to get started.

How do I record Professional Judgements?

1.    From the main launch screen tap Assessment (bottom right) and login

2.    Tap to open relevant Assessment Book

3.    First column (right hand side) shows the amount of evidence collected for each statement or item

4.    To view the evidence collected Tap the Evidence icon

5.    Tap Show Framework Switch (bottom right) this will expand the Framework to show at a glance the developmental ranges and where the evidence gathered sits

6.    Tap on the dotted button (right hand side) next to the evidence you wish to assess

7.    Scroll across to the appropriate Judgement

8.    Tap Record [to amend or delete the Judgement tap on it and tap Reset]

9.    Tap Save (top right) [this will save your Judgements to the Cloud]

Important Information:          Once a Judgement has been Saved to the Cloud it cannot be edited. Saved Judgements can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

The below video tutorial has been added to demonstrate the above steps.

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