PLG: How do I use the iOS App to Approve Changes to a PLG?

Assessment Users (or Assessment Managers) can create new PLGs and make changes to existing PLGs. However, to ensure there is accountability and consistency to the types of PLGs that are being used all new PLGs and changes to existing PLGs need to be approved by the Assessment Manager.

A PLG Framework can be edited meaning that it can grow and develop along with your Learner. To approve these changes your school or setting will need at least 1 Assessment Manager, some schools or settings may find it convenient to have more than one person as an Assessment Manager.

PLG's are created and managed through the Evidence for Learning App on your Device. If you need to set an Assessment Manager, please see How do I create an Assessment Manager and User?

Here is a video that shows how an Assessment Manager can use the iOS App to approve changes submitted by an Assessment User:

Here's the steps for an Assessment Manager to approve a new PLG or changes to an existing PLG that has been made and submitted by an Assessment User

1.    Login to the Assessment (bottom right)

2.    Tap Manage PLGs (top right) 

3.    Tap Show All PLGs (bottom right)

4.    Tap the Pencil Icon to the right of the PLG that has Changes Pending

5.    You can then review to see if you approve of all the changes that are highlighted in red

6.    To Approve the changes Tap Approve (bottom right)

7.    It will then ask you to confirm that you want to approve the changes and if you do Tap Yes

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