Explore the PLG Assessment Book and create a PDF

Once you have built your PLG and successfully started to capture evidence you may wish to explore the PLG Assessment Book, PLG's are managed through your device on the Evidence for Learning App. The steps below will help you to utilise your PLG Assessment Books in the most appropriate and effective way for your school or setting.

Here's the steps to explore the PLG Assessment Book and create a PDF:

1.    Login to Assessment (bottom right)

2.    Tap the relevant Assessment Book

3.    You can see the Framework that you created and how much evidence has been captured for each item

4.    If you wish to view the evidence just tap the Evidence icon

5.    Tap PDF (top right)

6.    You can now select the items from your PLG to include in the PDF by Tapping them and they will turn grey. If you would like to Select all the items from your Framework, then Tap Select All and they will all turn grey and are now selected.

7.    Important Information:  You can also decide not to include certain information such as the description of the items in the framework or the most recent professional statement. These and are other useful options are at the bottom of the menu. Take a moment to decide what information and level of detail that you do and do not want to include in your PDF. To not include something simply tap on the button to the right of the item and you will see the button will move left and that information will not be included.

8.    When you have selected what you would like to include Tap Make PDF (top right)

9.    The PDF can be saved to the Learners Cloud profile and shared with parents and carers

Please Note:   You can assign a Schema for a PLG Assessment book and then you will be able to and start documenting the progress of your Learners against a scale, over time you can see the progression of each Learner and where additional support and interventions may be beneficial.

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