Assessment: How do I Assign an Assessment Schema to a PLG?

Assign an Assessment Schema to a PLG

Assigning an assessment Schema to your PLG Framework will enable you to see at a glance where the Learner is at against each statement you wish to assess, it will reflect the Learners progression and identify where additional support may be beneficial.

Here is a video that shows you how you can use the iOS App to add an Assessment Schema to a PLG:

Here are the steps to assign an Assessment schema to a PLG:

1.    Login to Assessment (bottom right)

2.    Tap Manage PLGs

3.    Tap the Pencil Icon to the right of the PLG you want to assign a schema to

4.    Tap Edit PLG Framework/Assessment Items (top right)

5.    Tap Schema (the icon is three gauges, it is to the top right and two icons to the left of Save)

6.    Select each of the Headings and/or the Outcomes that you want to assign a Schema to, when you Tap on them and they will turn grey. When you have selected all the headings/outcomes that you want to assign a schema to Tap Set Schema (top right)

7.    Select the Schema you require

Helpful Tips:    You can select different Schemas to be assigned to different Headings or Outcomes within your Framework if you wish.

                        Not all headings/outcomes need to have a schema assigned to it. It can be personalised to your requirements.

                        To remove a Schema you have assigned Tap the Heading/Outcome, it will turn grey and then Tap Remove Schema (top right)

8.    Tap to Save (top right) and you can continue to edit later and when you have completed the changes Tap Submit for Review.

Important Information:          If you submit the changes for review the current version and live version will not be updated until the Assessment Manager approves these changes.

Here's our video tutorial showing how to adapt a PLG Framework to help get you started. We've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.

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