Create a Indicators PDF report

Once you have started using Indicators to assess your observations when capturing evidence, you may then wish to outline a report of these Observations, the steps below will help you to get started.

Here's the steps to help...

  1. Tap PDF (centre to the left)
  2. Tap Indicator Reports [to create a new Indicator Report, you can also tap Indicator Report Settings to personalise the format of your report]
  3. Tap to Specify an Indicator [select the Indicator your wish the report to represent]
  4. Populate the relevant fields, you can also group by Indicator or Evidence [this will effect how the Indicator Report is presented]
  5. Select whether or not to include Charts
  6. Tap Next (top right)

Please Note: Now you have created your Indicator Report  this can be viewed in the PDF icon (central right icon, main launch screen) in the Files option (top right).

The Indicator Report will only include evidence saved to the Cloud. 

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