EfL App: Create, Print, Email and/or Upload to the Cloud a PDF that contains a Learner's Evidence

Once you have gathered evidence you may wish to create a PDF that contains a Learner's evidence.

The PDFs can be shared with parents or carers and other stakeholders. 

Here's our video tutorial to help you get started making a Learning Journal.

Here are the steps to create a PDF that contains a Learner's Evidence:

1.    From the main launch screen tap PDF (right side, under capture)

2.    Tap New ...... (above document settings)

3.    To select an individual learner, Tap All to the right of Learner, Tap on All Leaners on this Device or the relevant Group and then Tap on the Learner.

Alternatively, you can choose to create a PDF for each Learner within a Group by tapping All to the right of groups and selecting a Group.

5.    To filter the evidence to only include evidence that has been linked to a specific Tag, Tap All to the right of Tags. Then select Tag/s that are on the device and Tap Done (top right).

6.    To filter by Framework and selected outcomes, Tap All to the right of Frameworks and select a Framework.

Tap on a heading to include all the outcomes within the section.

Alternatively, you can Tap to select individual outcomes.

Once you have made you select Tap Done (top right). 

7.    Select whether to group the evidence by Date (ascending/descending) or Tag.

8.    Tap Next (top right)

9.    The evidence that matches you selected Filters will now be shown [if there's evidence you don't want to include in the PDF tap to grey it out]

10.  Tap Make PDF (top right).

The PDF containing a Learner's evidence has now been created and in the Learner Profiles area of the App and the Files Screen.

You can go to either of these to see the document and to upload it to your Cloud. Once it is in the Cloud, the document will also be available to your colleagues using different devices.

Here are the steps to Print, Email and/or Upload the PDF to the Cloud:

1.    From the main launch screen with the animated stars, tap the Learner Icon (left of 3 icons, under capture).

See below...

2.    Tap on All Learners or Tap on the Group.

3.    Tap on the Learner.

4.    Tap on the PDF to open it.

See below...

6.    You can review the PDF.

You can Tap the Upload Icon (top right) and choose to Print, Email or use other features available on the device.

See below...

7.    When you have finished reviewing the PDF, Tap Done (top left).

8.    If you don't want to upload the PDF to the Cloud and you want to remove it from the device, swipe left on the PDF and Tap Delete.

To upload the PDF to the Cloud, Tap the Cloud Upload Icon (right).

See below...

9.    Once it has been uploaded from the device to the Cloud then you can locate it by Tapping on the Cloud Icon (top right).

See below...

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