Setting up and Recording Baselines

Baseline Flags can be used to highlight that a judgement is the starting point on a continuum in the Evidence for Learning App. At a later date they can help to identify the progress that a Learner/s has made.

It is worth taking sometime to consider when your Baselines will be made throughout the academic year as this will help you to decide how many to create and what to call them.

Here's the steps to setup a Baseline Flag:

1.    Go to Settings (gear icon, top left)

2.    Tap Cloud Admin (top right) and Login

3.    Scroll down and Tap Baseline Flags

4.    Tap (top right)

You will see the following screen:

5.    Enter the name of your Baseline Flag. In this example, the Baseline Flag is for Term 1 and will be named "T1 2019-20". It is worth noting that the shorter the name of the flag the clearer it will be displayed on the summary screen when making judgements 

6.    You then decide the dates from and to that staff will be able to use this Baseline Flag by Tapping on the relevant calendar. This creates the Assessment window where this Baseline will be available.

7.    Then select the colour that you want this Baseline Flag to be shown as on devices.

An example screen:

8.    If you leave the box blank next to "Force ALL records using this Baseline Flag to use the following Assessment date" then a member of staff at the point of recording the Baseline Judgement will be able to choose a date within the Assessment window to assign to. 

However, you may want to set a fix date so that all the judgements using this Baseline Flag are recorded using the same date. 

To fix a date Tap the box next to "Force ALL records using this Baseline Flag to use the following Assessment date" and you will see it has been selected as a tick will appear. To select the date that will be used for all judgements using this Baseline Flag, Tap the Calendar.   

10.  When you are happy with your selections, Tap Save (top right)

There's a column in the Assessment Book called Baseline and this will display the most recent baseline judgement for each Assessment Item.

You can add a Baseline by Tapping on "Baselines and EO" (top left)

You can if you wish Change the "Baseline Flag" you want to use and if it is not been fixed you can choose the "Assessment Date". You can also Tap on the pieces of evidence to review it to assist you in making your Baseline judgement

You can then set your Baselines by Tapping along the continuum and scrolling down if needed through the Framework. When you are have made your Baseline judgements Tap Save (top right)

You can now see the Baseline Judgements in the Assessment Book:

An Alternative way to record a Baseline is to Tap on the Dotted Box to the right of the Framework Items that you want to make a Baseline judgement against:

Tap on the "B" to indicate this will be a Baseline Judgement. If there is more than one Baseline Flag currently available, if you Tap again on the "B" it will cycle through the available Baseline Flags.

You will see that the "B" is now coloured in of the chosen Baseline Flag. You can now make the Baseline Judgement and then Tap Record:

You will see the Judgement on the right side. You can repeat the process against other Assessable Items in the Framework and then Tap Save:

Once the Baseline Judgement/s are Saved they will show up in the Baseline Column of the Assessment Book:

You may need to extend the Assessment Window of the Baseline Flag to allow it to be used. You can also change the name, the colour and the dat of the Baseline Flag. If the Baseline Flag has already been used then any changes you make will affect all previous judgements made. All previous judgements will remain and they will be updated with any changes made to name, colour and the dates of the baseline flag.

Here's the steps to edit a Baseline Flag:

1.    Go to Settings (gear icon, top left)

2.    If you are not already logged into Cloud Admin, Tap Cloud Admin and Login

3.    Scroll down and Tap Baseline Flags

4.    Tap on the Baseline Flag that you would like to edit. 

Here's the steps to change the dates of the Assessment Window:

Simply Tap on the calendar next to the date that you want to change:

Select the new date and Tap Done. Once you have made all the changes you want Tap Save (top right)

Here's the steps to change the name of a Baseline Flag:

To change the name Tap on the Name, edit it and thenTap Save (top right)

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