Activate Parent Accounts


The Parent Portal is the old way that schools would share Evidence with parents / carers. If you are just starting the process of wanting to share Evidence with parents / carers then we would strongly recommend that you set up and start to use the new EfL Family App. 
  • Schools that have already set up the Parent Portal can move across to use the EfL Family App when they are ready to do so.
  • The EfL Family App has a number off additional features and schools that are already using it have received some fantastic feedback from parents and carers.

For further information and walkthrough videos to help you set up and use the EfL Family App, please click on this link -

The information below if to help schools who have been using the Parent Portal for sometime and have not yet moved across to the new EfL Family App

Here are the steps to Activate a Parents' Account:

Now that you have Enabled Parent Service and parent email address/es are in Evidence for Learning you can activate their account/s.

You do not need to activate all the Learners accounts at once.

It may also be a good idea to before you activate Parent Accounts you add yourself as one of the parents of a Learner. You could enter your email address as one of the parents and only activate that particular parent account at first. This will allow you to start to use the system of sharing evidence and also to see how it will work from a parent's point of view. This is a great way to get used to Parent Services before activating more Learners' Parental Accounts.

1.    Go to  Settings (gear icon, top left)

2.    Tap on  Cloud Admin (top right) and login with your Cloud Admin password

3.    Tap on Parent Accounts

4.    You can tap on All Learners or select a particular Group of Learners. You will then be shown a list of Learners. The "P1" and "P2" with red circles next to each Learner indicates that the Parent Account 1 and Parent Account 2 are not activated

5.    If you Tap on a Learner you will then be taken to a screen where you can manage that Learners' Parental Accounts. As you can see I have set myself us as Parent 1 of Bob Jones:

6.    To Activate a Parents Account Tap on the button to the right of the Parent Account that you want to Activate. You will see it turns Green to indicate it is now Active. You can also see that two more options have now appeared under the Active Account. We can Tap on these to first of all "Send Access Instructions" this will email the parent with a link to the URL that they will use to access their Parent Account. 

You can then Tap on "Reset & Send Password" and this will send the Parent their unique password that they will use to log onto to their Parent Account. Please also note that Parent 2 account is still not activated. You can repeat the process to all make their account active or for one reason or another you may choose to do this at a later date or not at all. If you wanted to enable the Parent 2 Account you would Tap on the button to the right of their name. It would also turn green. You would then Tap to send them there login instruction and their unique password as we did for the Parent 1 account.

7.    After you have Tapped on "Send Access Instructions" that option will turn grey or disappear. You will also see a message confirming that an email has been sent. You can then also Tap on Reset and Send Password and again you will be notified that an email has been send and that option will turn grey or disappear.

8.     You can then also Tap on Reset and Send Password and again you will be notified that an email has been send and that option will turn grey or disappear.

9. You can now Tap on Parents Overview (top left) and you can see that for Bob Jones, the Parent Account 1 is active (indicted by the green circle):

If a member of staff now chooses to share a piece of evidence with Bob Jone's Parents, Parent 1 will be able to access it on their Parent Account. 

Remember, you may want to do what I did in this example and I set yourself up as Parent 1 of a Learner and only activated that Parental Account so that you can start to get used to sharing evidence and also seeing how it works from a parents point of view before activating more Parental Accounts.

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