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The Parent Portal is the old way that schools would share Evidence with parents / carers. If you are just starting the process of wanting to share Evidence with parents / carers then we would strongly recommend that you set up and start to use the new EfL Family App. 
  • Schools that have already set up the Parent Portal can move across to use the EfL Family App when they are ready to do so.
  • The EfL Family App has a number off additional features and schools that are already using it have received some fantastic feedback from parents and carers.

For further information and walkthrough videos to help you set up and use the EfL Family App, please click on this link -

The information below if to help schools who have been using the Parent Portal for sometime and have not yet moved across to the new EfL Family App

For a Parent Account to be set up their email address will need to be in Evidence for Learning. It’s a good idea to verify the email addresses you are using. This is because the owner of the email address specified will receive the login instructions including the password and the link to access the photos, videos, comments and PDFs reports that you choose to share.

You can specify one or two separate Parent Accounts for each Learner, these can be activated independently of each other.

There are 3 ways that you can add Parents email addresses:

- If you want to add a small number of parents email addresses then this can be done one a time on a device within the Cloud Admin area of the App

- You can also add Parent email addresses manually using the Admin Console

- If you have a large number of Parent email addresses to add, then you may choose to add them in bulk by Exporting your Active Learners' details from your Admin Console. You then add the parents' email addresses to the spreadsheet and then Import it back in. 

Here are the steps to add a parents email address to Evidence for Learning one at a time using an iPAD:

From the home screen with the animated stars and the word 'Capture', Tap on the Cog Icon (top left)
Tap on Cloud Admin (top right) and enter your Cloud Admin password and Tap Continue.
Tap on Learners
Tap on the Learner that you want to add a Parent/s email address to.

You can now enter in one or two parent details including email addresses and then Tap  Save (top right).

For every account that you want to set up, you need to add a First Name, Last Name and an Email Address. If you do not add some text to the First and Last Name boxes as well as an email address you will not be able to send them an email. 

Here are the steps to add Parent email addresses manually using the Admin Console:

On a computer, go to the Admin Console ( and login

Hover over System Data (top menu) and select  Learners.
Tick the box to the left of the Learner/s that you want to add the Parent email addresses to and then Click Edit

You can select multiple Learners and you can select a whole page of Learners at once

You are now in the Live Editing Learners details section of the Admin Console. You can paste in or type in the Parents email addresses to the relevant boxes
This is a Live Editing system so you do not need to press Save anywhere. 

When you have finished adding these Parent Details you can click the back arrow or go back to step 1 until you have added all the Parents' names and email address that you want to. 

Here are the steps to add parents' email addresses to Evidence for Learning in Bulk using an Excel Spreadsheet:

On a computer, go to the Admin Console ( and login

Hover over System Data (top menu) and select  Learners.
Select  Export (top right).
Open the Excel file that has downloaded to your computer. This spreadsheet shows all the Learners in the Cloud.

You can then fill in the parental contact details including first, last name and email addresses for Parent 1 and Parent 2. This will usually be columns H - M:

Return to your Admin Console to Upload the updated spreadsheet: 

Hover over System Data (top menu) and select  Learners.

Click Import (top right),

Click  Choose File and then search for the updated spreadsheet and then click Upload.

Map the Columns in the spreadsheet with the columns in the data. 

If you exported the existing Learners to a spreadsheet and then added the new Learners' details using the same format, it automatically knows which column maps to which field and you won't need to make any changes.

Click  Next (bottom right, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page)
Click  Process (bottom right). You should see a Green "Success" message and parents' names and email addresses are now visible in the list of Learners

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