How do I find out my schools "domain" to login to the Web Console?

Here are the steps to find out your school's "domain" to login to the Web Console:

1. From the main screen of the App (with the animated stars), Tap on the Cog (top left)

2. Tap on Cloud Admin (top right), enter your Cloud Admin Password and Tap Continue

3. Scroll down and Tap on Web Console Settings

4. Your schools domain will be shown at the top of the screen.

See below...

5. To login to the Web Console:

Use your school's customised URL:"yourschoolsdomain"

If you use your customised URL to go the the login page the 1st box will be automatically filled in with "yourschoolsdomain". 

In the 2nd and 3rd box enter your unique Username and Password (the same as you use to enter into the assessment area of the App). 

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