Capture Evidence using the Web Console

Here are the steps to Capture Evidence using the Web Console:

1.    Go to your Web Evidence Console login page ( 

NB: If you have not yet set up the Web Console for your school please see this set of articles in the EfL Resource Centre (

2.    Enter your schools "domain" in the 1st box and in the 2nd and 3rd box enter your unique Username and Password (the same as you use to enter into the assessment area of the App). 

NB: For quicker access, use your school's customised URL:"yourschoolsdomain"

To find out your schools domain please see this article: How do I find out my school's domain?

Once you login you will be on the Evidence and Home Screen of the Web Console. 

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2.    Locate the Learner that you want to Capture Evidence for. 

You can filter the search by Group, Cohort or by Learner

You can click in the box under Group/Cohort and it will show you the Groups and Cohorts that are in your Cloud. Click on Search (right side). All the Learners that match your search criteria will be displayed. 

Alternatively, type the start of the Learner's name and it will display the appropriate Learners that match what you have entered. In this example, I want to capture evidence for "Michael Sheridan", so I typed "mic" and all the Learners that's name started "Mic" is displayed.

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3. Tap/Click on the name of the appropriate Learner. Once their name appears in the box, Tap/Click Search (right side).

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4. The Learner(s) that matches your search criteria will be displayed. Tap/Click Capture to the right of the Learner you want to capture evidence for ( Capturing Evidence through the Web Console is done for one Learner at a time).

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5. Tap/Click the empty box to the Left of Evidence Status: Draft so that the box turns Green and a tick appears.

If you want to change the date that the Evidence will be recorded within EfL, Tap/Click within the Date box.

Tap/Click Upload to add a photo/video from your computer/tablet to the piece of evidence.

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6. If you want to add another picture/video to the Evidence Tap/Click Upload.

Tap/Click Insert Comment Template if you would like to use one to record your Comments within. Select the Comment Template you want to use.

Tap/Click within the Comments Box to write the comments that you want to record.

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7. Tap/Click Add Framework Items to link the Evidence to outcomes within a Framework.

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8. Tap/Click Show to the right of the Framework that you want to link the Evidence to. 

If you want to link it to a PLG Framework then Tap/Click the box next to Include PLGs (a tick will appear) and the PLG Framework will also be displayed in the list.

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9. Tap/Click the box to the left of the Outcome that you want to link the evidence to. A tick will appear to show that it has been selected.

You can select multiple outcomes. The number of selected items are shown towards the top right.

The dots in the boxes next to some of the outcomes indicate that some other pieces of evidence have previously been linked to these outcomes for this particular Learner. They can still be selected again to be linked to this or further evidence.

Once you have selected the outcome items that you want to link this evidence to, Tap/Click Close (bottom left)  

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10. The Framework and Outcomes that the evidence has been linked to will be displayed.

If you want to link the evidence to other Frameworks/Outcomes or you want to remove a link to an outcome, Tap/Click Add Framework Items. 

To add a Tag, Tap/Click in the box under Tags and then click on the appropriate Tag. You can repeat this process to add more Tags to the Evidence.

Finally, Tap/Click Save

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11. The Evidence is the saved to your Cloud. To return to the Evidence and home screen of the Web Console Tap/Click Back

As long as the Evidence Status is Green, then the Evidence will be able to be viewed within the iOS App on a device and available to include in PDFs. If the Evidence Status is Orange then it will only be available to view on the Web Console, you can change its status to Green by Tapping/Clicking Edit (top right) and then changing the Status to Green and Tapping/Clicking Save.

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The Evidence will now be displayed in the Web Console and in the iOS App.

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