Login (Web Console)

Here are the steps to login to the Web Console:

1.    Go to your Web Evidence Console login page ( https://web.evidenceforlearning.net/efl/login/). 

NB: If you have not yet set up the Web Console for your school please see this set of articles in the EfL Resource Centre (https://resources.evidenceforlearning.net/article/206-setup-your-web-console)

2.    Enter your schools "domain" in the 1st box and in the 2nd and 3rd box enter your unique Username and Password (the same as you use to enter into the assessment area of the App). 

NB: For quicker access, use your school's customised URL: https://web.evidenceforlearning.net/efl/login/"yourschoolsdomain"

To find out your school's domain please see this article: How do I find out my school's domain?

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