Password: I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you know the Cloud Admin Password you can reset your own or a colleague's password by logging into the Cloud Admin Area on any iPAD:

1) From the home screen of the App with the animated stars and the word "Capture", Tap on the Cog (top left)

2) Tap on Cloud Admin (top right) and enter in the Cloud Admin Password and Tap Continue

3) Tap on Assessment Users

4) Tap on your name or the name of the Assessment Manager/User that you would like to reset the password for.

5) Tap on Reset Password (in blue) and they will be sent a new temporary password. 

They will use this password to login to the Assessment Area of the App and to login to the Web Console. We would recommend that when you use the temporary password to login, you change your password. Once you change your password it will update your password for the Assessment Area of the App and the Web Console.

If your school has set up the Web Console and you know the domain, you can reset your own Password:

1) Go to your School's Web Consoles Login Page and Tap/Click Forgotten Password.

See below...

2) Enter in your School's domain and the same email address that has been added for you on Evidence for Learning.

You then enter in your username and then Tap/Click Reset My Password.

See below...

3) You will then see a notification confirming that you have been sent an email containing a link to be able to reset your password (this link will expire after 1 hour).

See below...

If your school has not yet set up the Web Console or your do not know the domain and you don't have access to the Cloud Admin Password then it would be best to contact the relevant contact at your school who leads EfL. As they will have the Cloud Admin Password and will be able to reset your Password. 

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