Overview & obtain a quote to use MIS Integration

We are delighted to announce that Evidence for Learning is now working with Wonde and this means that you now have the option to use the MIS integration feature.

What are the benefits?

Having the Wonde connection means that you could select either all your Learners or specific Learners to be connected between your MIS system and your Evidence for Learning Cloud.

There is also the option to connect specific Groups of Learners.

Therefore, you could set it up that if a Learner moves class on your MIS system their class group in Evidence for Learning would automatically be updated overnight. When a new Learner joins your school and your MIS system has been updated you could quickly link them to Evidence Learning and this would add the Learner to your Cloud.

Wonde and GDRP


  • is used by many of the leading edtech companies to connect and synchronise their software with the different MIS providers used by schools. 
  • will allow you to connect your Learners on Evidence to Learning to various MIS systems including Arbor, Sims, Bromcom, Engage, Pupil Asset and Engage to name just a few.
  • provides a secure and robust data transfer method.

For more information on the MIS systems that Wonde can connect to as well as security and GDPR, please see their Useful Documents, Security and GDPR.

What is the Cost to use MIS Integration?
If you would like to receive a quote to use the MIS integration service then please email us at services@theteachercloud.net.

Who do I contact if we have any questions around the MIS Integration process?

If you have any questions around the MIS Integration process then please do get in touch and you can email us at Evidence for Learning using services@theteachercloud.net

What happens if we don't want to use the MIS Integration service?

You would continue to update and manage your Learners in your Evidence for Learning Cloud in the same way that you currently do. 

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