EfL Family App - Introduction & Live Tour

We're delighted to announce the arrival of the new  EfL Family App!

The new app allows you to engage with the parents, families and carers of your learners in new and powerful ways through a brand new Android and iOS app.

If you're already using the existing EfL Parent Portal, the new app will give you all of your existing capabilities, through an easy-to-use app that authorised family members of your learners will be able to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition to the existing tools, we've added lots of new features and capabilities that you'll be able to explore and choose whether to roll out to your learner families including:

  • Options to create multiple family accounts for a learner (previously restricted to 2 family members)
  • Family members with more than 1 learner at school will be able to access shared evidence/reports for all children at the school through the one account
  • New ways for family members to search, browse and view evidence you've shared with them
  • You can share Engagement (Indicators) information and data with family members
  • Improved tools and interface for developing conversations about learning and engagement with families through the app
  • Option to provide families with different levels of access to information contained within Assessment Books for their children (coming soon!)
  • Option to allow families to feedback or comment through Assessment Books (coming soon!)
  • Plus lots more...

Very importantly... the  EfL Family App looks and feels like the version of the app you're already familiar with and using in school - hopefully making it easier for you to help families to get the most from value from it.

See a live tour of the EfL Family app including information on the rollout process: 

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