Documents produced by the EfL Community (guides. handouts, letters etc.)

You are welcome to access the documents produced by the EfL Community within the Google Drive below.

Google Drive where you can access documents produced by the EfL Community around the EfL Family App

By all means edit them and use them with the families of your Learners.

It would be great if you also share some of the resources that you produce with the EfL Community. 

Please email any documents that you are happy to share to and we will add them to the Google Drive. 

Tip: If they are sent in as Word document rather than a pdf other schools will find it easier to edit them for their own use. 

We hope that over time the EfL Community will produce and share documents such as:

  • Letters sent to parents/carers to introduce the EfL Family App
  • Permission / opt out letters
  • Handouts / guides / videos for Family Users 
  • Privacy Policy Statements
  • Tip and advice on increasing Family Users Engagement

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