Export Assessment Data to an Excel Spreadsheet

Export Assessment Data from Assessment Books into an Excel Spreadsheet:

- Open the EfL App on an iPad, 
- From the home screen of the App with the animated stars and the word "Capture", Tap on the Cog (top left)
- Tap on Cloud Admin (top right)
- Enter you Cloud Admin Password and Tap Continue
- Scroll down and Tap on  Export - Learner Assessment Books
- Select the Learner/s that you want to Export their Assessment Data for and Tap Next (top right). You may find that it is easier/quicker if you export a few Groups of Learners / Assessment Books at a time rather than a large number or All Learners at once.
- Choose one or more 'Review Dates' and you can also tick the box at the bottom of the screen to include the latest Baseline data (if available) and then Click Next (top right).
- Select the data (columns) that you want to include in the report . A tick indicates that the data will be presented in a column. Tap Next (top right).
- S elect the Assessment Books where you want to Export the data from. There are four tabs at the top of the screen that you can use to filter the search criteria - "All" "PLGs", "Non-PLGs" and "Assessment Books".   A tick indicates that the Assessment Book has been selected. You may find that it is easier/quicker if you export a few Assessment Books at once. 

- Once you have selected the Assessment Books, Click Export (top right).

- The Report will open on your iPad and then you can click the Share button (top right) and save it to a different location that you device is linked to or if you can email it to yourself so that you can then access the data in Excel spreadsheet on your computer.

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