The App closes when I Tap the Share / Export button in a PDF

The issue seems to be connected to devices updating to iOS 16 or a later version and it has had a knock on effect to how the share button works on some devices. 

The challenge for our development team is that when you tap on the Share button within a PDF it is no longer our code. The development will continue to work on a longer term solution but in the meantime these quick steps should mean that the share button works for a period of time on a device:

- From the home screen of the App, Click Capture
- Click the (so you can take a photo)
- Select Take a Photo / Video
- When you can see on the screen what you can actually take a picture off, Click Cancel (bottom right)
Open / create a PDF and the Share button (top right) should work as normal.

If a user is asked at any stage do they want to grant permission for Evidence for Learning to access the Camera they should say yes.

This should mean that you can continue to create and share PDFs from all your devices. 

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