A piece of Evidence has become duplicated a number of times

It looks like you've encountered a known bug that seems to duplicate Evidence in certain conditions.

We get a small handful of duplicates every week, around 5-10 pieces of evidence duplicated out of 50,000+ pieces captured. It seems to be the result of a rare combination of co-occurring factors including an interruption to connectivity with the cloud at the time of the evidence being transferred to the Cloud. This causes the server in the cloud to replicate and duplicate it many times in the split second it is uploading.

We're working on a fix for the root cause but in the meantime we actively look out for any pieces of Evidence that has become duplicated and we usually remove it the next working day. When we remove the duplicate Evidence we leave 1 record of the original Evidence in the Cloud. Therefore, you may want to wait until the end of the next working day before reaching out to us and by which point you should see that the duplicate Evidence has already been removed.

If you would like us to remove the duplicate Evidence straight away then please email the name of the Learner and the date of the duplicate Evidence to the services team (services@theteachercloud.net) and one of our team will update you when they have removed the duplicate Evidence.

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