Record Assessment Judgements / Professional Statements (Web Console)

You can use the Web Console to record Professional Statements within an Assessment Book as long as there has been a schema added.

To add a Professional Statement to one Assessment Item in the Framework
  1. Login to the Web Console
  2. Click on Assessment Books (top menu)
  3. Access an Assessment Book
  4. Click on the dotted rectangle to the right of an Assessment Item (the dotted rectangle appears next to any items that has a schema)
  5.  In the pop-up window Click on Add a Professional Statement
  6. Enter the Professional Statement 
  7. Click Save (bottom right)
To add Professional Statements to a number of Assessment Items in the Framework
  1. Login to the Web Console
  2. Click on Assessment Books (top menu)
  3. Access an Assessment Book
  4. Click on Assessment Bulk Entry (top left)
  5. Select the date and Click Next
  6. You will now be on a screen where you can record Assessment Judgements and Professional Statements to a number of Assessment Items
  7. Once you have completed adding the Assessment Judgements and Professional Statements you Click Save (towards top right)
  8. To return back to the Assessment Book Click View Assessment Book (towards top right)

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