Import a Framework, that you have created yourself, to your Cloud

To help you follow the simple rules when writing your Framework please see our help guide on creating your own Framework. If you have saved your Framework as a Text file you are now ready to Import it to your Cloud.

Here are the steps to Import a Framework, that you have created yourself, to your Cloud: 

Import a Framework that you have already created and saved as a document in a Text File. (You can see our guide on how to create your own Framework)

On a computer, go to the Admin Web Console ( and login.

1.    Click on Frameworks (left side)

2.    Select Import (top right)

3.    Click Choose File, select the Text File containing your Framework and click Open and then Click Upload

You should then see in green a Success! Message at the top of the screen showing you that the Framework has been imported.    

If you get an error message, check the help guide on creating your own Framework as there may be a formatting error in he text file or you may have not followed all the rules when writing the text file. If after checking the guide you are sill finding it difficult to import your own Frameworks then please do get in touch. We are Here to Help!   

Here's our Setup Video to help you get started, we've jumped forward to the relevant place for you.

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