Share Evidence with parents/carers

You can share Evidence with parents/carers using the iOS App or the Web Console.

This guide covers both methods.

Here are the steps to Share Evidence with parents using the iOS App:

It is always good practice to Save evidence to the Cloud as soon as possible. This guide takes you through the steps of sharing evidence that is already stored in the Cloud and therefore, is no longer on a device.

1.    From the main screen with the word "Capture" and the stars, Tap on the Learner Icon (picture of a Learner under "Capture")

2.    Tap on All Learners on this Device or the Group the Learner is in

3.    Tap on the Learner that you want to share a piece of evidence from

4.    To then see all evidence that is in the Cloud Tap on the Cloud Icon (top right)

5.    You then will see the Cloud Profile for the selected Learner. You can see that the piece of evidence dated 9th August 2019 has not been shared with parents as the Shared with Parent Icon is grey:

6.    To share it with Parents Tap on Shared with Parent Icon once and this will share only the videos or pictures with the Parental Accounts of that Learner:

So a parent logging onto their Parental Account and clicking on Journal, would see the videos and pictures. They can click on the video to play it.

7.    If you Tap on the Shared with Parent Icon again you would also be sharing the comments, frameworks and tags as well as the videos and pictures. You can see the icon now includes text:

So a parent logging onto their Parental Account and clicking on Journal, would see the videos and pictures and now also the text associated with that pieces of evidence that as an educational setting you have chosen staff can share:

8.    If you Tapped on Shared with Parent Icon again so that it becomes grey then that piece of evidence was no longer being shared with the Parent Accounts. 

Remember you can as an educational setting choose whether you want staff to be able to share the comments, tags of frameworks associated with evidence with Parental Accounts of Learners. 

This guide shows how to manage the features that are enabled in relation to Parent Accounts -

Here are the steps to Share Evidence with Parents/Carers using the Web Console:

1.    Login to your Web Evidence Console:

For further information see the relevant guide: Login to your Web Console

2.    Locate the piece of Evidence that you want to edit. 

For further information see the relevant guide: Locate Evidence using the Web Console

3.    Click on the thumbnail of the piece of evidence that you would like to share.

See below...

4.    Click on  Edit (top right).

See below...

5.    Click on Not Shared (top left).

See below...

6.    Tap/Click to Select to share the photos/videos or share the photos/videos, comments & tags (if enabled).

See below...

7.    The parts of the evidence that you have chosen to share will be displayed and the Shared Icon will be blue.

See below...

8.    Tap/Click Save (bottom left) and the changes you have made will be saved. Therefore, the Evidence will be shared with the active parents/carer accounts of that Learner.

See below...

9.    Finally, Tap/Click Back (top right) to return to the main Evidence Screen on the Web Console.

See below...

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