How do I setup the Web Console?

During the process of setting up the Web Console you will need to assign at least one assessment manager or user to be an administrator.

Therefore, If you have not already created any assessment managers or users then please see the relevant guide on creating assessment managers and users.

Here are the steps to setup the Web Console:

1.    On a computer, login to the Admin Console (

2.    Hover over MISC (top left) and select Web Console Settings.

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3.    Choose and Enter a Domain and Click Check Availability (top right)

The domain will be used to login and it will form part of the Web Console's URL. 

The domain needs to be at least 3 letters and most schools use part of their school name. 

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6.    A notification will then be displayed telling you if the domain is available. If the domain is already being used enter a new Domain and Click Check Availability.

If the domain is available to use then click Save Changes to Domain

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Once an Administrators logs into the Web Console they can give other Assessment Managers/Users permission to be able to access it. 

7.    The Administrator can enter the Web Console's URL into the search browser on any computer/device that has access to the internet. To access the Web Console from the device you are using the EfL iOS App, Tap Open to the right of your school's unique URL:   

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8.    The Administrator will be taken to the Web Console's login page.

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9.    Once on the Web Console's login page, it is a good idea to bookmark it, you bookmark it before you enter in your password. In the future you can easily access your Web Console through your bookmark, so you won't need to type the URL into the search browser.

The 1st box is your domain, if you have used your school unique URL the domain will automatically be filled in for you.

In the 2nd and 3rd box enter your unique Username and Password (the same as you use to enter into the assessment area of the App). 

Enter your Username and Password and click Login.

10.    Once you have logged in to the Web Console you will be on the Evidence screen. 

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