How to add the New Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator Set

This article takes you through the quick process of adding the new Engagement Model (DfE) pre-loaded Indicator set to your school.

There is a dedicated guide and video that introduces Indicator sets and gives a detailed overview of how they can be used to track Engagement and to create reports.

Here is a video that shows you the complete process of how you can quickly add the new Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator set to your school.

Here are the Steps to Set up Indicators and the Engagement Model

From the main screen of the App with the word "Capture", Tap on the  Cog icon (top left)
Tap  Cloud Admin (top right) and enter in your Cloud Admin Password and Tap Continue
Scroll down and Tap on Indicators
Tap the  + (top right)
Tap  Pre-Loaded
Tap on  Engagement Model (DfE)
To then set the Indicators Live Tap on Engagement Model (Dfe) and Tap Status: Draft to Status Live
Tap  < Indicator Sets (top left)
You will see that the Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator Set is now live and this is indicated with a green circle. 

See below... 

The new Engagement Model (DfE) is now set up and available to use when capturing evidence.

Here is a link to the relevant guide within EfL Resources that shows how to can capture evidence and use the new Engagement Model (DfE) Indicator Set.

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