Step 2a: Archive (and possibly delete) Learners who have left

Step 2a:          Archive (and possibly delete) Learners who have left                                                                                       

On a computer, use the Admin Console:

Here's the steps to Archive one or a number of learners who have left your educational setting:

1.    Go to and login.

2.    Click on  Learners (left side).

3.    You will see a list of all the learners that are currently set as Active in your Cloud. To select a learner/s to archive Click on the square to the left of their name. A tick will appear to show that a learner has been selected.

4.    When you have selected all the learners that you would like to archive, Click Archive (top left).

5.    A successful update message will be displayed in green (top left).

6.    You will no longer be able to see, the learner/s that you have archived, as the list of learners is defaulted to show you only the Active learners (those who currently are on roll at your educational setting). You can change the Learners that are displayed, by Clicking on  All, Archived or Active (top right).

Remember that this process will need to be done on all your devices that may have been used to capture evidence. 

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